How Crazy Are We? Is next level

Obviously, I am biased but How Crazy Are We? really is next level. We created it because all the other alternative "on the fly" party games were just kind of trashy. When I say "on the fly" I am pertaining to a game that you can just pick up and play without explaining a laundry list of rules. And when I say trashy, I mean they all have major elements of raunchiness that never appealed to me or my group of friends. 

Also, we wanted to create a game that had a more thought provoking aspect to it. Something that would act as a conversation starter while maintaining a light hearted humor throughout. Mission accomplished. Not to be too corny either but seriously. We accomplished what we set out to. This game can be played with anyone over the age of 21 (just to be safe). 

More likely to be True or More likely to be False component really makes you think. It's not the first statement that appeals to the reader, it's the statement that reflects the readers beliefs, values, experiences based on which True or False card they draw and the competing statements. I think I am in too deep because the game is ridiculously simple. 

How Crazy Are We? really is... A Soul-Crushing Party Game For Awesome People. We hope you enjoy playing as much as we do. 


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