How Movie Quotes Drinking Game came to be...

I was flying home from a friends house in Las Vegas heading to Seattle when I started laughing to myself, thinking about the movies we were quoting and the impressions we were making to coincide with the film quotes. After a few moments passed, I realized there was something there. In a weird way, I supposed you could say, I realized something was missing. A game where friends could have a few drinks and quote their favorite movies. How could this game not exist? How has nobody tried to crack this code? I took the rest of my trip home (for the first time ever I was content with a flight delay) to figure out the rules and even design the cover. 

I chose to go with Movie Quotes Drinking Game as the name of the game because it made sense. By doing so, I thought it would be somewhat original. Every game has it's own cheeky name but what game can actually be called what it is? This one. 

I ended up sending my first copy to my buddy in Vegas and he played it with some of his friends. He told me how much fun they had and someone in the group always knew which movie it was being quoted. He did express that some people wished certain movies had been included and I told him that this was the first run.

I have several other versions already laid out and on the slate for production. So, if your favorite movie or movies weren't included in this version of the game, be sure to let us know what you would like to see in the next one. Heck, let us know about any suggestions you have about the game. As always, thanks for playing!  

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