Movie Quotes Drinking Game part ll

Over the last couple of months, we have been developing the first extension pack for Movie Quotes Drinking Game. Based on input from many of customers, there are a few different options we are in the process of finalizing.  We're looking for your input to help us make "The Call".

We are currently leaning towards an 80's-90's movie pack that would include some of the greatest hits from both decades; everything from "Caddyshack" to "Jurassic Park".  Also on deck, is an ultra classic movie pack from everything before the 70's; movies like "Casablanca", "It's a Wonderful Life", "Citizen Kane", "Gone With The Wind" and more would be included.

Movie Quotes Drinking Game would like you to help up make the final decision. Which extension pack sounds more appealing to you?? There's still a good chance, whichever option is not selected will be released at a later date however, there won't be a definitive timeline for that release. 

We can't wait to hear which one you choose and we thank you for your support! 


Movie Quotes Drinking Game 


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  • I’d buy an expansion pack of 80’s movies alone! The 80s-90s pack would be the more accessible one in general, I would think. Most modern teenagers have seen the big hits of both decades, and likely grew up watching them with their older relatives. However, on the other hand the pre-70s would be great for seniors. Activities departments in elder communities are always looking for games like this. Either way, my family loves the original pack and we’ll be waiting to buy whichever expansion comes out!

    Kate A.

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