What an awesome last couple years in film but that may not be the actual story.

2021-2022 have not disappointed at the box office. Everything from The Tomorrow War, Jungle Cruise, Woman in the Window, Tomorrow Never Dies, Dune, Last Night in Soho, The Contractor, Top Gun, Everything Everywhere All At Once and so many more. However, I believe the story of the year is not the movies that were produced but the manner in which we view those films.

Streaming services have clearly taken over the movie industry but don't give up on theatres just yet (Top Gun in 4DX was unreal). What we're really seeing is a combined approach by production companies. We believe the combined approach will be the most successful business model. Whether it be a combination of HBO Max and theatres, theatres and Netflix, Disney+, Amazon, there is no denying the monumental shift taking place. Sure the pandemic expedited the inevitable process but the process was imminent.

Now, back to Movie Quotes Drinking Game. We weren't sure if any of the movies released this year became instant classics or quotable films but we are always looking for the next best quotable film. If there are any movies from 2021-2022 you would like to see in our next version of MQDG, please write us and let us know which one peaked your fancy. 

We appreciate any feedback from you and we're very excited about the next steps! - "Party on Wayne" - Wayne's World

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